Updates for 2007-11-05

@loiclemeur If you still have invites I’d love to try Seesmic # My mini-review of Nick Mason at the Jazz Fest Berlin ’07 has been published on Brain Damage http://tinyurl.com/2xnbw5 # Powered by Twitter Tools.

Updates for 2007-11-04

That bastion of British middle class life, the Archers, is now available as a podcast http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/podcasts/archers/ # I’m on the night train from Berlin to Munich. This time with a real bed and shower. # Powered by Twitter Tools.

Updates for 2007-11-03

Michael Mantler’s Concertos concert last night in Berlin with Nick Mason http://tinyurl.com/2hsr8n # Nick’s spot was at the end – a percussion concerto, which included riffs from PF’s Money # Powered by Twitter Tools.

Updates for 2007-11-02

Bluetooth stereo audio on Leopard is delayed (about 200 ms on my MacBook Pro) but easily compensated for when watching videos with VLC (f/g) # Changing course to dry up waterfall: http://tinyurl.com/27spud # At Moore and Mantler (Nick Mason drums) in Berlin # Powered by Twitter Tools.

Updates for 2007-11-01

Updating OS X apps to Leopard compatible versions # Parallels Internet access was dead after installing Leopard but is OK after installing latest Parallels beta # A2DP (bluetooth stereo) works in Leopard with my Jabra BT620s headphones. Some crackles and pops. Rough edges but basically working # Vodafone UMTS BB on Leopard: http://tinyurl.com/29jek9 # Eventually… Continue reading Updates for 2007-11-01

Updates for 2007-10-31

Landed in Berlin. 2 trains and a short walk and I’ll be home # At Blankenfelde – catching S2 train to LIchtenrade # Installed Leopard. So far my HSDPA card (UMTS broadband) doesn’t want to play nice # Powered by Twitter Tools.

Updates for 2007-10-30

About to start Sprint Planning. We’re going to try this timer: http://tinyurl.com/yvj2e6 # Powered by Twitter Tools.

Updates for 2007-10-27

Plentiful Leopard suppy at Saturn in Berlin’s Europa Centre. Managed to resist and wait for Monday # Powered by Twitter Tools.

Updates for 2007-10-26

I ordered Leopard from the German Apple Store when announced. The order status is showing expected delivery on Monday. I’m not impressed 🙂 # Powered by Twitter Tools.

Updates for 2007-10-22

Shocked and sad to learn of the passing of the writer and broadcaster Alan Coren http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/article2694149.ece # This month we’ve lost Alan Coren and Ned Sherrin two stalwarts of quality UK broadcasting and both a big part of the soundtrack of my life. # On my way to Mirchi 1 in Berlin-Mitte to meet with… Continue reading Updates for 2007-10-22