Radical Management at the Agile Business Conference in London

Simon Roberts’ session proposal for the Agile Business Conference in London (6-7 October 2015) has been accepted by the organisers. The title of the session is “Radical Management in Practice: A Holistic Approach to Management in Agile Enterprises” and will combine presentation, discussion and short exercises. Steve Denning, inventor of Radical Management and who is… Continue reading Radical Management at the Agile Business Conference in London

Webinar on Implementing Radical Management

On 15 April 2015, Peter Stevens and Simon Roberts were honoured to take part in a webinar on Radical Management as part of Scrum Alliance’s program of webinars supporting the Learning Consortium. The webinar covered: Radical Management and its five main shifts Transforming organization strategy from shareholder value to something more sustainable (including customer delight) Experiences… Continue reading Webinar on Implementing Radical Management

Radical Management in Practice

Many organizations are based on a hierarchical bureaucracy with managers who practice command and control. This approach is incompatible with much twenty-first century work, which is knowledge based and best carried out in self-organized teams. Building on Steve Denning’s “Radical Management”, this presentation provides guidance on what managers should do to best support the work… Continue reading Radical Management in Practice

Newthinking’s Magazine Sprint

Several members of the Stoos Satellite Berlin took part in Newthinking’s magazine Sprint from 4th-6th April. We wrote several articles on Stoos and related subjects. Some at least will hopefully be accepted into the final magazine (it will be a real coffee-table style magazine).

Newthinkings Magazin-Sprint

Einige Mitglieder des Stoos Satellite Berlin haben sich bei Newthinkings Magazin-Sprint vom 4. bis 6. April beteiligt. Wir haben Artikel über Stoos und verwandte Themen verfasst, von denen hoffentlich einige tatsächlich in diesem repräsentativen und bebilderten Magazin veröffentlicht werden.