I am a Scrum coach and Certified Scrum Trainer based in Berlin.

Every client has different requirements but often my engagements involve guiding an organisation as they take their first steps with agile. This can involve looking at the business case for agile, designing and delivering custom training for business and technical staff and mentoring managers. There is a common theme that links together all of my work and that is my passion for helping organisations find more effective and sustainable ways to develop great products.


  1. Dear Mr Roberts,
    I happened to stumble upon http://firstdiscipline.com/about/
    which seemed to have the same pictures as on your blog. I’m not sure it’s dynamic, or that the pics keep changing based on a blog template.

    Hope I’m not wasting your time. I mean to initiate a conversation with you in the near future regarding collaborating on Scrum assignments.


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