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New Domain and Platform

I’m moving to a new blogging platform (WordPress) and domain ( Barring something unforeseen, this will be my last post using Radio Userland. I’m hoping that will be my virtual home for many years. Radio has served me well over the last couple years but it’s time to move on. The main reasons that… Continue reading New Domain and Platform

Pausing radio?

I was listening to the radio this morning and had to go and do something else for a few minutes. I reached for the pause button – until I realised that this was live radio and not a podcast! Either an indication that I’ve been listening to too many podcasts or that podcasts are becoming… Continue reading Pausing radio?

Skype Announces New Skype Unlimited Calling Plan

About Skype: “Offers 12 Months of Unlimited Skype Calls to Any Phone Within the US and Canada for a Flat Annual Rate SAN JOSE, Calif., December 13, 2006 %u2013 Skype, the global Internet communications company, is now offering U.S. and Canadian consumers the new Skype Unlimited Calling plan, a paid annual subscription service that allows… Continue reading Skype Announces New Skype Unlimited Calling Plan

SiM ist wieder da!

My favourite German language podcast, Schlaflos in München, is back after a break of almost 3 months. Annik Rubens (nom de pod), its creator, took a break after 400 episodes of the original SiM. Unlike the original, which was released on most weekdays, the new format is weekly and divided into different sections such as… Continue reading SiM ist wieder da!

Alan "Fluff" Freeman

The DJ Alan “Fluff” Freeman has died at the age of 79. Alan was known and loved by many for his BBC Radio 1 show “Pick of the Pops” which was broadcast from the launch of Radio 1 in 1967 until 1972. Alan relaunched the show with an oldies chart format in 1989. His catchphrases… Continue reading Alan "Fluff" Freeman

A pet peeve

Whenever I see “tonite” it grates. For me it's the visual equivalent of hearing chalk scraping on a blackboard. Until recently I thought that “tonite” was an acceptable albeit annoying American spelling of “tonight”. In fact it isn't. Even though “tonite” seems to be in fairly common usage amongst Americans, it is incorrect. Technorati Tags:… Continue reading A pet peeve