Updates for 2007-12-20

Looks like a fix for the Leopard Wi-Fi stability problem (kernel panic) is coming in 10.5.2 http://tinyurl.com/yrefg4 # Powered by Twitter Tools.

Updates for 2007-12-16

Finished shopping for Christmas presents. Mostly to be delivered to the UK to save our meagre Ryanair baggage allowance. # Powered by Twitter Tools.

Updates for 2007-12-15

Saw the ISS about 50 mins. ago passing over Berlin. Very bright. # My Radiohead In Rainbows box has arrived. Beautilfully produced. Good to have a good quality version of the songs and some new ones as well. # Powered by Twitter Tools.

Updates for 2007-12-11

Sprint Review in Stuttgart # Facilitating Sprint retrospective in Stuttgart # Check-in complete. Now gathering data. # Gathering data using timeline based brainstorming with cards # Generating insight by voting (+ve, -ve or ?) on topics discovered # Deciding what to do # Closing retrospective # Sprint planning in Stuttgart finished – off to the… Continue reading Updates for 2007-12-11

Updates for 2007-12-07

The composer Karlheinz Stockhausen has sadly passed away. RIP maestro. # Powered by Twitter Tools.

Updates for 2007-11-16

I’m getting kernel panics in OS X 10.5 during intensive WLAN activity. Problem still there after update to 10.5.1. # Switching to wired LAN until OS X kernel panics are fixed # Watching latest episode of BBC series Spooks. Amazing twists and turns in the plot. Surely one of the best shows on TV today?… Continue reading Updates for 2007-11-16

Updates for 2007-11-10

Just spent 30 mins playing with an iPhone in a T-Mobile shop in Berlin. Wonderful device. Edge not too bad. # Powered by Twitter Tools.

Updates for 2007-11-06

bbc.co.uk (including news.bbc.co.uk) now has "in your face" advertising when accessed from outside of the UK. I’m saddened by this. # Powered by Twitter Tools.