New Domain and Platform

I’m moving to a new blogging platform (WordPress) and domain ( Barring something unforeseen, this will be my last post using Radio Userland. I’m hoping that will be my virtual home for many years.

Radio has served me well over the last couple years but it’s time to move on. The main reasons that I’m moving are:

  • Radio is no longer under active development. There is no sign of this changing so bug fixes and new features will most likely not be coming along.
  • Radio runs on my laptop and publishes to an external server. This has advantages and disadvantages. However, for me, it has proved to be a disadvantage. Sometimes I want to post when I don’t have my laptop with me – using my mobile phone or from any web browser that I have access to.

I’ve chosen WordPress for a number of reasons, including:

  • It is under active development. Bugs are fixed quickly and new releases are made frequently.
  • There is an active community delivering functionality that is not included in the base release in the form of plugins and a vast range of themes to define the presentation.
  • Generally, the themes that are available support modern technologies such as CSS better than their equivalents under Radio.
  • WordPress is very open – effectively, I can get the same level of configurability and the ability to write my own scripts as I have with Radio. In fact there is more flexibility than Radio because WordPress is a a server-side system.

I’ve been posting to both Radio and WordPress in parallel for a few weeks. From now on, I’ll be posting primarily to WordPress. Agile oriented posts will be mirrored on my agile software development and project management blog.

Anyone reading this through my RSS feed, please update your subscriptions to point to here.

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