Twitter Updates for 2007-05-07

Free Wi-Fi in hotel # Preparing for a talk that I will be doing on Friday on Agile, SOA and Scrum. # Powered by Twitter Tools.

Twitter Updates for 2007-04-19

Booking a hotel for next week in Munich – there must be something really big going on because the nearest I could get was about 80km away. # Powered by Twitter Tools.

Twitter Updates for 2007-04-17

Catching up with the archers via the omnibus edition # Writing my first Seaside app # and Seaside together are amazing 🙂 # Ordering the new Tolkien novel, The Children of Hurin, from amazon. The BBC’s Front Row programme didn’t like it but I can’t resist # Powered by Twitter Tools.

Twitter Updates for 2007-04-16

Revising for my marketing exam by recording stuff using GarageBand which I can then later listen to wherever I am. # Powered by Twitter Tools.

Twitter Updates for 2007-04-15

Picnicing at the water playground in Lichtenrade, Berlin. Cloudless sky and 26 degrees C. # Cooking again 🙂 – roast leg of lamb with garlic and rosemary, roast potatoes and green beans # Made a very tasty curry from the left-over lamb – it’s cooling on the balcony. # Powered by Twitter Tools.

Twitter Updates for 2007-04-14

Wondering (as a passionate ex-Smalltalker) how I managed to miss the buzz about Seaside!. Are we seeing the resurgence of Smalltalk? # Cooking lunch – pasta with red peppers and mushrooms # With the weekly visit to the supermarket complete it’s “Kaffee & Kuchen” time # Blowing bubbles with the children in the garden #… Continue reading Twitter Updates for 2007-04-14

Twitter Updates for 2007-04-11

Writing EasyMock examples which demonstrate mocking collaborators with and without interfaces # Downloading Skype Mac 2.6 beta. # Updating the Sprint Backlog. # Installing universal build of Halo on my new MacBook Pro. # Powered by Twitter Tools.

On Windows Vista Content Protection

Peter Gutmann: “The sheer obnoxiousness of Vista’s content protection may end up being the biggest incentive to piracy yet created.” Peter Gutmann’s article on Windows Vista’s DRM doesn’t pull any punches and is well worth reading. Peter is a computer science lecturer at Auckland University, New Zealand.