Updates for 2007-10-08

  • Red wine and spicy pumpkin soup in Schlehdorf am Kochelsee #
  • @annikrubens My recent cold started with a sore throat. I hope that yours doesn’t go the same way. Looking forward to the next SiM. #
  • I’m staying deep in the Bavarian countryside this week – where UMTS is nowhere to be seen and GPRS coverage is marginal at best! #
  • On my mobile, browsing via GPRS is fine subjectively – a taste of things to come in case I can’t resist buying an iPhone? #
  • @P-Dub Looks like an impressive castle – google maps tells me its about 60 km from where I am right now. Have you been there? #
  • @P-Dub then I must make time for a visit! I’ll be in the area for the next few months (currently communiting between Berlin and Bavaria). #

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